AA(mir) or JAA(mir)?
Its a “beautiful and unique country” which his wife wanted to leave and he understood her feelings.
Its “emotional strength” was endorsed when he empathised with his wife’s FEAR in opening the newspapers writing about India.
The “prayer” for the moment is -mind without fear and head held high-but he did not sing it to his wife when scurrying to a press-conference for us to read HIS FEAR the next day.
He celebrates the country’s “love and sensitivity” yet feels “insecure” in it.
He or his wife “never had any intention of leaving the country”; yet he told the whole world their private conversation about thinking about leaving the country – a topic so trivial that we can be so frivolous about!
And criticising him is “intolerance” as he has a right to criticise without being criticised for it.
By the way TOI mentions him talking of “Ekantavada”. Its actually”Anekantvad”! In the world of Smartphones and Smart Cities we have AAmir/JAAmir variant of Smart Intelligence!!

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