The hysterical synchronised beef eating is showing a convergence over the poor buffalo which might well make it extinct. Presuming the buffalo survives this onslaught those mimicking others eating will perpetuate the eating cycle into compulsive or binge eating in which they will eat to feel good, then regret eating because it may not actually be advisable, but then get back to eating again just to feel good. This communicable disease might well require medical attention soon but treated or not is creating a new and very aggressive cultural meme far more dangerous than what it claims to be a reaction to. In fact the expression “Copycat” should now be changed to Copycow/bull/buffalo (depending upon their orientation) for these Beefbingers. And as all involved in this contagion claim to be rational they would be well advised to read about Hot Cognition which shows that poor judgment is often made in an aroused emotional state. The only good thing is that the Spanish Fighting Bull can be put to shame by our desi Beefbinging Brigade.

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