Shobha De tweeted: “I just ate beef. Come and murder me.”
Mohammad Aqlakh did not PROCLAIM he ate beef and was very tragically killed only because of a rumour. Dietary preferences are personal choices unless the ostensible choices are but cloaks for political manipulation, religious dogmatism or simply brash arrogance which is when law has to intervene in aid of public order and rein in those who use the cloaks as dietary preferences. I cannot, as a consequence of my personal belief and conviction, ever even think of eating beef and while I will not impose this choice on another I will not tolerate a triumphant trumpeting of eating of beef to my face by anyone much in the same manner as I will condemn celebrating eating of pork only to spite Muslims. My disapproval of such boorishness has nothing to do with my being a Hindu but to a civility and sense of propriety which comes with good breeding and transcends religious barriers. Shobha De’s tweet (and earlier of Rishi Kapoor) are shallow smattering of poppycock celebrities which identifies them NOT with Aqlakh but with his killers in spewing hate at those who do not share their dietary preferences and exposes them as being as vicious, vulgar and uncouth as the killers themselves. It is not what we eat but how we eat it which is important. Eating only to make a point has actually nothing to do with eating at all! And the food we actually need most today is that for thought as to how to give up our diet for hate.

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