“KIRAN asked me if we should move out of India.” The question did NOT strike AAMIR! HE was obviously NOT hit by that sense of “insecurity” and “fear” to ask KIRAN that question.
And what was Aamir’s answer? Should he NOT have wondered if that question did not strike HIM – a seemingly reasonable, sensitive, intelligent and articulate INDIAN – was KIRAN justified in asking it? But he did not wonder and instead ran to the press.
KIRAN not AAMIR “fears” about the atmosphere around them and feels “scared” to open newspapers. An intelligent person feeling differently from his companion despite both being in an identical situation should have felt either he or his companion are suffering from some disorder – one for feeling uncontrollable anxiety and the other not feeling it at all- and should have gone to a psychiatrist for medication and therapy not the Press for making a statement.
And if leaving the country is an option please leave.
Go to the UK where Barclay Primary School in East London which sent a letter to its students banning fasts in Ramazan.
Or go to the U.S. where FBI has authority to map and investigate communities based on ethnic behaviour and cultural traditions.
France is also a good option where if you say “I am not Charlie” (Charlie Hebdo had racist cartoons) you are looked upon as a terrorist. Denmark where the Prophet was depicted as a terrorist with a bomb may be considered too.
Australia will be welcoming too. The Islamic cleric talking of racial profiling said it was causing “severe stress and unwanted inconvenience.”
There are several oceans available for a plunge too. Or you can join the Eskimos in Arctic or add to the settlements in the Antarctica.
If you do not love a country enough to live in it please leave. India will NOT be in any manner worse off!

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