Compare the UN Secretary General’s response to Pathankot to how he reacted to Paris! He called the Paris attacks “despicable” and “hoped” that the French would “do all in their power to bring the perpetrators to justice completely”. With regard to Pathankot however he declined to comment.
FB is quite silent too. With 1.1 billion daily users FB it could yield a considerable influence on news. Do not see the Tricolour draped on Profile Pictures here.
The Capitol Hill, World Trade Centre or the Sydney Opera House also continued to show their true colours preferring blue, white and red to saffron, white and green.

And the riot of Hashtags? In Pathankot they are hashed altogether.
India remains a victim of political prejudice. But what is worse is Indians have internalised this prejudice not to be outraged at being so treated.
Forget Washington city, something could have been done in India Square in New York, Little India in Singapore and different Indian eateries and joints all over the world.
Where the Nooyis, Rushdies, Mittals and Amartya Sens, Nadellas and Mehtas? Why are they silent? If cheers can resound in Maddison Square damnation should too.
In Films and TV series Indians are defined by ethnicity and accent and where they have good roles they have to lose their Indianness…Priyanka Chopra is not an Anu but Alex in Quantico.
There was a rush for returning awards but the same swiftness and urgency is absent in the “intellectuals” in India to condemn this repeated outraging of the country.
No one will be bothered about us unless we are first bothered about ourselves. Its time we stopped cringing and rid ourselves of psychological servitude and peer cruelty.
We may need a battle with Pakistan but the war has to be with our mind.

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