The mourning on Memon hanging is an attempt to create irrational guilt at an unconscious level and demonise India. It’s a variant of Victim Blaming! Should we be happy terrorists kill brutalise destroy desecrate and maim because AFTER the mayhem they share information about involvement of Pakistan which we otherwise anyway know? Should we be sensitive to their requirements because they have OBLIGED us by surrendering to obviate arrest which otherwise is warranted while their kin continue the same nefarious designs under protection of their masters – all the conspirators remaining at large and immunised from an appropriate punishment? Should we feel indebted to terrorists and treat terror as a noble deed and one of supreme sacrifice that we need to afford terrorists protection not available to an ordinary Indian and at tax-payers cost activate the legal machinery at 3am in the morning to find ways to save them from punishment? Should we feel terrorists are more human than those who terrorise and justify their acts by lampooning ourselves as the cause of such extreme heinousness and dispute the very justification of punishment suggesting that terrorism is warranted and that we deserve to be in a mess? Should we be depressed and anxious upon the imposition of punishment distorting the national psyche to discredit the system which imposed the punishment and condemn ourselves after we have been damned by terrorism? Should we divide the country on communal lines to save a terrorist who killed not members of one community alone but Indians irrespective of their religious affiliation? Self-Blame when one is a victim is a mental disorder. Let’s stop it.

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