Bounty on Kanhaiya? Neither ADARSH & definitely SHARMAnak!

It is heartening to read that Adarsh Sharma has been arrested. His declaring a reward of Rs 11 lakhs to anyone killing Kanhaiya Kumar is abhorrent.

There can be no Final Solution in a democracy. It is for the same reason Pappu Yadav’s comment declaring reward for whosoever kills those responsible for  Rohith’s suicide is equally condemnable warranting similar action.

It is because law is supreme that Kanhaiya is sought to be prosecuted. And Kanhaiya can escape punishment by showing he is not in violation of law. The whole exercise re-enforces the rule of law and allows for a structured discourse which is indispensable for an ordered existence notwithstanding  conflict of ideas.

Abuse in language like violence in action symbolises want of conviction in one’s beliefs. And a belief which is held without conviction is just a passing fantasy, a self-indulgence for personal pleasure which has no creed or doctrine and is merely passing sentiment.

If we give credence to sentiment over belief mere offense NOT harm would be the basis of action and law would  cease being founded on norms but would captive to the dominant ideology of the day.

This is dangerous for democracy and if it is allowed to happen by supporters of a political party merely because that party is in power they will be defenceless when that party loses power because the criterion for action would be no principle but the dominant credo of the day. This is a very menacing situation because the stability and fidelity which gives credibility and worth to any legal system would be lost. 

Conflict of points of view makes for a robust society and the purpose with which freedom is granted to speech is NOT to obstinately hold onto one’s opinion but to correct it if in a principled clash it is found wanting. There is no hostility in such conflict ONLY engagement. It is only in this way that freedom of speech will NOT give way to “polarisation”.

I have serious disagreement with a few things which Kanhaiya has been associated with and the exchange with those supporting him has been sharp but there is no bounty at stake and the thought of violence to support my point of view has never crossed my mind.

I will object to the allegation of “judicial killings”, to the association with Kashmiri separatists and with the espousing of anti-India sentiment but I am assured in my belief that the established system will both address and correct what I believe are aberrant ideas because I will put them to a successful test according to settled norms. Even if I fail the established system would have triumphed.  No individual is bigger than the system.

For the same reason assault even by the lawyers was unacceptable – far from showing strength it displayed a weakness and embarrassed a person like me because the mode of protest discredited my point of view. The way in which one protests is an indication of character.

India today is engaged. This is wonderful. It shows it is different from Pakistan, China, North Korea and other countries. It also provides the assurance that every Indian should feel secure in it to make any thought of moving away from it unjustified. And it shows it rejects violence as the prop for any point of view. Physical attack and extermination show extreme scale of prejudice which is the reason we condemn Kashmiri Pandits being made to leave Kashmir. How then can the same method be adopted in a protest against what is believed to be an anti-national act? There is an inherent contradiction in the approach which exposes its utter untenability.

It is because we will not tolerate sedition we also NEVER tolerate any Adarsh Sharmas either.  And  if we do it will not be Adarsh and will definitely be Sharmanak!

3 thoughts on “Bounty on Kanhaiya? Neither ADARSH & definitely SHARMAnak!

  1. These words echo my sentiments and what I keep saying also, except you’re more eloquent!
    India today is engaged. This is wonderful. It shows it is different from Pakistan, China, North Korea and other countries. It also provides the assurance that every Indian should feel secure in it to make any thought of moving away from it unjustified. And it shows it rejects violence as the prop for any point of view.

  2. Dear Aman,
    What you say about killing reward is codemnable, agreed. But what I do not understand is why nothing is said about that Kanhaiya or his friends? Fear psychosis ? A person at a age of 29 is still in university doing Phd ? in which subject? He has been made a great leader by the other students and the parties who have lost or who has no chance of winning !!!
    In name of Law will a criminal who is supporting the people who are against our mother country we allow him to escape & will lament law is supreme.
    GOD SAVE THIS country.
    Had such happened in any muslim country they would have been hanged or shot by army. A la in Pakistan when some person hoisted Indian flag in favour of Virat Kohli he was sent to jail for 10 years.

  3. I agree that the situation is very bad and people are making a mockery of Constitution.The judiciary must act properly and take corrective actions. We can see that the judiciary is becoming weak before the political parties and few wealthy and influential people.There can not be any justification in supporting any member of the group people who were shouting anti India slogans. It is immaterial whether that particular person was shouting anti India slogan and being in that group who were shouting anti India slogan is enough evidence.
    Judiciary must awake and treat all the citizens in the same manner. People like Salman Khan, Jaya Lalitha, Lalu Yadav etc. have taken undue advantage in the legal proceedings.If such things happen, definately people will loose faith in judicial system of our country. There should be quick, True and fair trial of each and every case. There is single Constituition of India and different courts must stop giving different judgment on similar cases and there must be some system to keep a watch on courts who are making a mockery of Judicial system and take adequate action in case of misuse of powers given to them.

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