GUSTO – My Dalmatian

In a life where existence is defined only by roles and responsibilities there are moments when life takes a pause, time stands still, rationality abates and snapping out of a routine our consciousness dissolves and reality consummates into unbounded happiness. Gusto was those moments of my life.

Giving me selfless love moved by its own passion, Gusto had no pretence about him and no motive behind being with me other than just wanting to be with me.

No one could bribe him away from me whether by a bone or a toy. He looked at me with forlorn eyes whenever I started getting ready to leave imploring me not to go and barked his delight when he smelt me back even before he actually saw me return. If he had his way he would accompany me everywhere and be with me all the time. He did not sleep till

I came back to my room and rested his neck on my foot to sleep.
The office was his in mornings and on holidays and he barked his disapproval should anyone intrude into the space occupied by him with me. A stern warning made him quiet and he then sat quietly breathing softly as I worked, content at just hearing me talk and being beside me occasionally looking up just to see that I remained near him. A slight movement by me made him spring up to attention seeking to pre-empt a perceived attempt to leave him behind and happily ran forward barking happily when I told him “come Gusto lets go.”

A very handsome being, Gusto was often my companion in the convertible and seeing him sit like a responsible adult in the two-seater made everyone look at him more than the car.

Gusto shared tea with me, liked a bite of the food I ate and followed me like a shadow.
The antidote to all the stresses of life Gusto was my companion during all seclusions, confusions and frustrations and remained true to me and to his name till he died.

Always a liberated spirit Gusto is free of all bonds now!

Gusto’s memories will always remain my dearest and most precious possession in life.

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