Raas Leela comment & Bhushan Buffoonery!

A fool’s brain, said George Bernard Shaw, digests philosophy into folly! Prashant Bhushan’s buffoonery in calling Lord Krishna an “eve teaser” proves Bernard Shaw right. Forget knowledge of religion or philosophy (which he demonstrably lacks) this man seems to be unfamiliar with elementary English and the utter shamelessness with which he yet comments (on topics he does not know and in a language whose nuances he is yet to grasp) makes him the perfect illustration of the idiom – Fools rush where angels fear to tread! The “clarification” of his original tweet proves this point too. It is a different matter that the clarifications make things worse!

But it is not mere foolishness of Bhushan which troubles me. I feel he is suffering from a psychiatric disorder. He used the words “legendary eve teaser” for Lord Krishna. God is no fable or fiction to be described as “legendary”. Besides eve teasing is defined as the act of annoying a woman in a public place for example by making sexual comments. but Raas leela takes place in a metaphysical plane. Thus anyone who suggests that Lord Krishna “annoyed women through sexual comments” suffers from cognitive distortion – an irrational thought pattern which makes one perceive reality inaccurately. This is generally the result of depression and anxiety and the fact that Kashmir is still part of India may be the reason for the same for him.

I am sure Prashant Bhushan is not mad. However in the spectrum of human behaviour he does lean towards the abnormal. And while Bhushan must surely be having a brain, it is health of the mind which is the issue. I have been informed a criminal complaint has been filed against him. Criminal charges, however, may never stick – not because there was no crime but for want of intent, it being easy to show Bhushan is non compos mentis – without a sound mind!

Raas Leela is transcendental that is in the spiritual plane. It has no carnal aspect. It symbolises union of jeev (male AND female) in God. God in Hinduism is not a man but energy. And the physical reality (including gender) a mere illusion. Gender thus is irrelevant  to Raas Leela (Gopis are but ALL devotees) and it signifies nothing except immersing of the soul – Atma- into the metaphysical reality – Brahman! Lord Krishna was not male lover like Romeo nor Gopis female like Juliet! No one can emulate the Raas, just imbibe the idea.

But Bhushan wants “Anti Krishna squads.” This means he wants to reinforce gender, emphasise physical attachments, accentuate carnal desires and move AWAY from the spiritual plane into the physical plane and indulge in orgies of free love (which I presume he understands only as sex.) This aspect of his depravity I was completely ignorant of! This is re-enforced by the lament expressed in a later tweet where he frets anti romeo squads “would criminalise teasing gopis!”- He, thus, WANTS to tease gopis!! And then see his desperation – so frantic is he that teasing should be allowed he invokes GOD to justify it and protests the organising of Romeo Brigades because he feels that this would make Lord Krishna look like an eve teaser!!!

Indulge in your fantasies Mr Bhushan. Dont take to Twitter next time to make them public.

One thought on “Raas Leela comment & Bhushan Buffoonery!

  1. I have generally disagreed with your views and the kind of language you use often shies away from humility and general civility, especially, when you deride a person’s character without really knowing him/her [like this blog and the one you wrote about khalid and kanhaiyya], and since you like throwing quotes in your blogs, I thought it would be nice to remind you of what Atticus Finch says in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, that never judge a man without being in his shoes [well, more or less, I don’t have a memory as good as you and neither do I sit with ‘the’ book open in front of me].

    But be it as it may, I agreed with your view in this blog [and not the Kashmir part that you cleverly tried to push in referring to his earlier statement] but not the kind of language you have used for Mr. Bhushan. I agree that was perhaps not a very well thought out comment and it is not just him who calls Krishna ‘an eve teaser’ but many on the left side of the political spectrum, and this did to some extent disillusion me as well; judging a person’s relationship with his/her god is downright immature, disdainful and does not suit anybody nor any cause. This what even happened with Gurmehar Kaur, whose idea of her relationship with her father was not just commented upon and judged, but she was literally bullied. I wonder to what extent can we allow ourselves to be depraved and beat the other into submission just because we do not agree with what the other says.

    And lastly, while none can deny and there exists sociological evicence to that, that our purans did demonize some peoples and boasted about the conquests upon them, whatever that was and has become needs to be buried and not purposelessly probed for it shall only lead to opening up of old wounds, wounds whose roots have been largely forgotten. It will lead to the same issues that emerged out of the senseless demolition of the Babri Masjid. After all, who could be so foolish to say that Ram was born right there, exactly at the same spot, not an inch here, not an inch there! And what did Hinduism achieve with that? Can any Hindu today proudly say that Ram shall reside there after all the blood letting, hatred and venom that has been spewed in his name?

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