Jai Shree Ram meets Jai Hind…an imaginary conversation with Mamta Banerjee!


A person: Jai Shree Ram

Mamta Banerjee: No! Jai Hind

The person: But Ram belongs as much to Hind

Mamta: Hind is more than Ram

The person: Ram is yet part of Hind

Mamta: Not the Hind I imagine

The person: So the mover is your imagination not Hind

Mamta: I have the right to imagine it

The person: Is there a right to deny Ram in it?

Mamta: I am against reducing Ram to a slogan

The person: Can Hind be reduced to one?

Mamta: Hind cannot ever be reduced

The person: Can Ram be?

Mamta: Jai Bangla

The person: Where did that come from?

Mamta: Bangla is part of Hind

The person: Ram is part of Hind too

Mamta: Shut up…One must not mix religion with politics! Jai Ma Kali


(A needless case of combative politics and competitive sloganeering)

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