Tanmay Roasted But Critics Not Toasted

Tanmay’s “roast” is neither satire nor comedy and fits more in the category of abuse.

Satire, whether it be abrasive or mild, has a moral dimension and is intended to be corrective of ills perceived in society.

Comedy carries humour and while it might mock it does not scorn a subject.

Abusing anyone is impermissible. What is wrong with Tanmay’s “roast” is not its subject but its content.

The reaction to the “roast” however has more to do with the subject rather than its content. It is an unfortunate tendency in our country to exalt individuals into divinities and this enshrining makes any comment about them sacrilegious.

This cult of personality is but an inversion of Tanmay’s roast and is as bad. Unquestioning praise is as noxious as unadulterated abuse. And it carries as many anti-social tendencies as the former. Both are equally deficient in moral sense.

There being no critical thinking in the condemnation much in the same manner their is no humour in the roast. It is indeed a poor reflection on society which is unfamiliar both with warranted comments and justifiable criticism.

To be or not to be!

The comic quest made the comedian the quarry. Mimicry in evolutionary biology uses similarity in behaviour as a protection. The convergent resemblance in a comic show however led to detention! The adaptation far from turning out to be anti-predator in fact invited an attack and all that the mimicking prey could then do was to pray for deliverance. Evolution records  a common descent of life from the last universal ancestor. Descent, it seems, is truly an appropriate expression considering the declivity in levity and the jostling that follows jest. Kiku’s arrest is definitely both literally and metaphorically development – arrested development. And lest I be in trouble for suggesting that anyone is lamebrained I will prefer to quote Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises where Harvey talking to Cohn says , “I misjudged you. You are not a moron. You are only a case of arrested development.” Those who act as comedians just pretend to be dolts. There are however many some who are naturally comic and the mimic after “suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” is bound to realise he was only second best!!